About KYMarks

Like many a Kentuckian before me, I grew up feeling generally down on Kentucky and counting my days until I could leave and never come back. So, it wouldn't come as a surprise to know that I attended college in upstate New York at Cornell University. Yet, while I was in in upstate New York, I began to appreciate what I had been blind to my whole life--Kentucky's awesomeness and beauty. I started to miss the smell of the Earth when it rained in the summertime, the warm breezes in the spring and fall, and even the four seasons in winter. For many that far north, I was the first Kentuckian they had ever met, but for those who had been to the state, they only had good things to say about its beauty and its history.

I returned home with a new perspective and a renewed interest in its history. A lot of pretty cool things have happened in our state, we just don't talk about it too much. If anyone asked what I would be doing over the weekend, I told them I would be prancing about the countryside hunting for old houses. One particular old house caught my attention and eventually became the inspiration for KYMarks. The house is called Ridgeway (aka the Handy House) and it stands in Cynthiana, KY. Since it is being torn down, I wanted a way to remember the house forever. Unfortunately, the quotes for replicas were hideous--so about a year ago I decided to create one myself. Maybe one day I will release my Ridgeway design...

Soon, I started to make designs of other landmarks I enjoy. It was fun to celebrate the tangible pieces of history, but it sucked to lament what had already been torn down and what is currently being torn down. That is when the idea hit me--maybe there are other people who would like a way to remember these underappreciated pots of gold throughout Kentucky. Thus, KYMarks was born.